Proud KWSP Humane Society Sponsor
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Committed to Helping Animals


In addition to participating in fundraiser events held by the KWSP Humane Society, Jen has committed to donating a portion of her commissions from every home* purchased or sold. 

Donation is based on the actual sold price of the house

equivalent to $5 for every $10,000 transaction!

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Visit the KWSP Humane Society Website

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*Applies to homes purchased or sold under a full service contract with Jen Lema.  Donation amount is calculated by multiplying the sale amount of the home by .05%.  I.e.  A home is sold for $756,000 x  .05% = $378 donation.  Donation is made by Jen Lema from her commissions upon the closing of the sale. No tax receipts will be issued to home buyer/seller.