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Dot Love FAQs

Do I need to create an account to use the app?

Short answer is yes, if you wish to be able to access sold information on properties - which is ultimately more important than what someone lists a property for.

What if it does not matter to me what a property sold for, can I still see listings?

You sure can! Just click here to view available listings  ➡️  Show me the Listings!

I do want to see sold listings! Why do I have to create an account for this?

This is dictated by the MLS boards which have stated that you can only gain access to sold data through a password protected account created with a registered Realtor.  

I already have a Realtor, can't I create an account with them?

You certainly can, provided they subscribe to Dot Love.   Let them know how much you love the app and that they too should provide this fantastic service to you! In the meantime, select Jen Lema as your agent to begin accessing all the awesome features this app has to offer.  You can switch agents at any time.

Who has access to my information?

Only your selected agent does. However, you can choose to not share any contact information with your agent and still access all the features of the app.  Your information is never shared with 3rd parties, or added to any list.  When you chose to create an account with Jen Lema as your agent, you will never be solicited and she will only communicate with you if you chose to inquire on any property you view. Hassle free scrolling!

Have further questions about the use of Dot Love? Please let me know!

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