Client Video Stories and Insights

My Clients - Their Stories and Insights

The business of residential real estate is about the people - the homes are the result.  

Houses do not dictate a purchase or sale, the people who buy and sell them do.  Every transaction is the result of an occurrence in a person's life, and in there lays a story.

I am honoured to have clients who are happy to share their stories, and real estate insights with you.  

Client Insights. Michelle - How to Choose a Realtor.

Michelle has her own "My Clients - Their Stories" video coming out soon.  This video is a part of a new series, which are small clips of insight from my clients, on all things real estate!  Michelle shares what is important to her when considering a Realtor.

My Clients - Their Stories. Meet Jim!

I assisted Jim in the sale of his home in suburbia, to a home in the country with lots of land to spare!
Jim's story is about following your heart, for love of family, and oneself.